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Obligatory Social Proof

  • "Always enjoyable and the _mostly_ short format is terrific. Really enjoy the mix of tech and music, among other things. The Nonsensical Sounds episode was +1. Also, get introduced to a lot of new tech and creators." — Kevin Fricovsky
  • "I've been really enjoying listening to swyx's mix tapes lately. I highly recommend giving them a listen." — Nick Taylor
  • "I think you'll like https://swyx.transistor.fm! @swyx listens to an ungodly amount of podcasts and grabs the highlights for you. He's usually across all the big discussions in tech and also covers personal growth/learning" — Ron Au
  • "Always amazed by his prolificity, but the value he crams into these 10-minute episodes is 🔥" — @zevav
  • "Especially enlightening episode on The @swyx Mixtape today. Social Proof and Scarcity, and the Principles of #influence" — Frederick Weiss
  • "I have a friendgroup that likes to discuss highlights from your podcast." — anon Datadog engineer
  • "Just wanted to send a big thank you. I discovered Levels on your mixtapes and I’m amped up. You actually nerd sniped me with that episode since I’m a fullstack engineer and t1 diabetic. Thank you!" - anon
  • "The @swyx mixtape is my favorite podcast. Nugget from this 3 min ep:
    > Do something creative when you wake up, before touching your phone
    Something I’ve always known but needed to hear again 🙏" - Ben Holmes

Latest Episodes

[AI] Timnit Gebru, Margaret Mitchell and the Stochastic Parrots paper - Emily Bender

Emily M. Bender is a Professor of Linguistics at and Faculty Director of the Master's Program in Computational Linguistics at University of Washington. Her research ar...

[AI] Small Language Models and Training PubMedGPT - Naveen Rao

Naveen Rao is the CEO and Co-Founder of the machine learning (ML) training platform, MosaicML, and the former CEO and Co-Founder of Nervana Systems. Naveen shares insi...

[AI] The origin of EleutherAI - Connor Leahy

Connor is the co-founder and CEO of Conjecture (conjecture.dev), a company aiming to make AGI safe through scalable AI Alignment research, and the co-founder of Eleuth...

[AI] Behind ChatGPT: RLHF and the Proximal Policy Optimization - Practical AI

A great discussion of RLHF exhibited by ChatGPT by the PracticalAI guys

[AI] GPT3's advances, applications, and prompt engineering - Peter Welinder

Peter Welinder is VP of Product & Partnerships at OpenAI, where he runs product and commercialization efforts of GPT-3, Codex, GitHub Copilot, and more. Boris Dayma is...

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