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[Plan B] swyx on nontechnical Singapore podcast

[High Agency] AI Engineer World's Fair Preview

High Agency Pod DescriptionIn this episode, I chatted with Shawn Wang about his upcoming AI engineering conference and what an AI engineer really is. It's been a year ...

The Onion's A Very Fatal Murder

Jeff Lawson just bought The Onion.This is one of my favorite episodes of their NPR podcast parody of Serial.

AI Engineering, Devin, and the Future of Software - swyx on Modern Web Podcast

Serena Colyer - Intentionality

I made a new friend, Serena (sister of Malindi!) who was so impressive and thoughtful in the short time I have known her (cooking, language learning, finance/science m...

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on CodeRyan podcast

"Navigating AI and Software 3.0: A Tech Career Guide for Developers": a more beginner oriented podcast interview for a new Youtuber:

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Real World Serverless

years after following him for his serverless content, i was glad to be on Yan Cui's pod to talk Rise of AI Engineer.

Solitude and Leadership

An essay I think about often, and recommend to people, that I need to internalize more.

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Podrocket #3

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Shoptalk Show #2

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Cognitive Revolution

this is a longer form conversation with an AI insider so we do get pretty in depth. sorry for the poor audio quality on my side

[Music Friday] Shouldn't I Be Less In Love With You - Oliver Tompsett

[AI] Training Data - Shoptalk Show clip

[AI] Hacker News Recap clip -

Freecodecamp podcast #2

I met up to podcast with quincy in round 2, which has all my personal updates since round 1.

[Weekend Drop] The Rise of the AI Engineer

One of my biggest posts ever was and we hosted a Twitter Space about it:

[Weekend Drop] swyx on Productivity and leverage

Video and pull quotes:

[Weekend Drop] swyx on smol developer

smol developer took off this week. we convened a special twitter space to talk about what we should do next.

[Business] Why and How you should Open Source your code - David Cramer

david cramer speaks on why he believes in open source businesses, and why specifically you should use BSL and not the other stuff.

[Weekend Drop] No Code Jamstack (in 2019) - swyx on Software Engineering Daily

swyx talks with Jeff Meyerson on SEDaily about No Code for developers and about Netlify in 2019.

[Business] Community Games: from MUDs to MMORPGs - Gamecraft

Come for the content, stay for the community.

[Business] Mobile Games: from iOS to Facebook/Zynga/Farmville to King/Candy Crush

Mitch continues telling the story of mobile gaming.

[Business] Casual Games: from Deer Hunter to Snake - Gamecraft

Mitch Lasky tells the story of casual gaming from the most unlikely origins.

[Business] App Stores: Valve and the rise of Steam - Gamecraft

Mitch Lasky explains how Valve went from Half-Life to Counterstrike to... Steam..

[Business] Free2Play: From Piracy to League of Legends - Gamecraft

Mitch Lasky traces the rise of Free 2 Play gaming and Riot Games from... Asian piracy and internet cafes.

[Weekend Drop] The State of JavaScript (in 2017) - swyx and Sacha Greif

swyx's first ever technical podcast - guest hosting SE Daily in 2017 with Sacha Greif

[AI] Timnit Gebru, Margaret Mitchell and the Stochastic Parrots paper - Emily Bender

Emily M. Bender is a Professor of Linguistics at and Faculty Director of the Master's Program in Computational Linguistics at University of Washington. Her research ar...

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