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[Business] Musicians feared the Record Player - Jason Feiffer

This is the example I think about when people fear for their jobs because of tech

[Weekend Drop] Remote IDEs and the End of Localhost on the InfoQ podcast

Daniel Bryant interviews swyx for the InfoQ podcast.

[Music Friday] Stories ft. Hunter

A lovely voice and an acoustic vibe.

[Misc] Eric Schmidt on AI

taking the former Google CEO seriously on AI.

[Misc] Guided Metacognition - David McRaney

How to change minds.

[Misc] The James Webb Space Telescope | Heidi Hammel and Nadia Drake

Heidi Hammel shares her infectious passion for space!

[Misc] Inside Voice: Lake Bell and the Sexy Baby Voice Phenomenon

Lake Bell and her many voices are a treat on the ears!

[Music Friday] Fly Me to the Moon - Going Spaceward

Rap + anything = GOLD

[Business] Haseeb explains FTX

The best explanation I've heard of the FTX saga

[Tech] dbt criticism and How dbt Fails

All the potential flaws of dbt, in one place

[Tech] dbt origins (again!) and dbt Semantic Layer - Drew Banin

dbt's origins, comparison with Airflow, and dbt Semantic Layer, with Max Beauchemin and Drew Banin. Sorry I know the audio is bad but cant do much about it.

[Tech] dbt as a standard - Laurie Voss

@seldo explains why dbt has become so successful and how they use it at Netlify.

[Weekend Drop] Developer Experience & the Coding Career Handbook with Corey Quinn on Screaming in the Cloud

swyx and Corey Quinn. Your two favorite cloud + creator people talking shop!

[Music Friday] Hits of 2019 - VoicePlay A Cappella

one of the best acapella mashups i've ever found

[Business] The Austin Powers Just Do It Award - Amazon's Bias for Action Culture

Today, in the Invent Like An Owner Podcast, Dave speaks with Alex Edelman. They talk about how an English Major from the University of Pennsylvania joined Amazon as th...

[Tech] Reddit's Two Tables, Amazon's Biblio Records and Title Authority

Today, in the Invent Like An Owner Podcast, Dave speaks with Rebecca Allen. They travel through memory lane by talking about the restructuring of Amazon’s catalog usin...

[Business] Amazon's move to subscriptions and Prime

Today, in the Invent Like An Owner Podcast, Dave speaks with Neil Roseman & Jorrit Van der Meulen. The discussion revolves around Amazon's DVD rental business whic...

[Weekend Drop] Trading derivatives with VBA and Finance - swyx on the Keycuts podcast

swyx talked about his finance background and introduction to programming with Keycuts!

[Music Friday] Remixes, Interpolations and the Nostalgia Loop - Charlie Harding

Why there are so many old songs influencing the new!

[Tech] GitHub Copilot - Ryan Salva

GitHub's VP of Product for Copilot explains.... Copilot

[Tech] Stable Diffusion - Emad Mostaque

The founder of Stability AI explains how Stable Diffusion works and the multimodal future.

[Tech] AlphaFold - Demis Hassabis

the CEO and co-founder of DeepMind explains how they solved protein folding.

[Weekend Drop] Steve Yegge Joins Sourcegraph

Twitter space dump of Sourcegraph's chat with Steve Yegge

[Music Friday] EMOTION | Brooke Simpson, Melanie Pfirrman, Mia Mor cover

a beautiful cover with beautiful friends.

[Creator] Thoreau and Long Walks - Austin Kleon

An artist interviews the author of Steal Like An Artist, and talks about his inspirations.

[Creator] Output before Input - Colin & Samir

Great advice from Kanye on getting past creative blocks.

[Creator] The Twitter Metagame - Julian Shapiro

Lenny interviews Julian.

[Creator] Fierce Nerds - Dharmesh Shah and Paul Graham

Hubspot CTO Dharmesh Shah and Paul Graham's Fierce Nerds

[Weekend Drop] DevRel, Dev Megatrends and Dev Careers on the Cloudcast

Shawn Wang (@swyx, Head of Developer Experience @Temporalio) talks about the breadth of developer skills needed, how developers learn new technologies, and insights in...

[Tech] The Death of Hadoop

A roundtable discussion, and Jared Hillam, from 2-5 years ago

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