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[Weekend Drop] No Code Jamstack (in 2019) - swyx on Software Engineering Daily

swyx talks with Jeff Meyerson on SEDaily about No Code for developers and about Netlify in 2019.

[Business] Community Games: from MUDs to MMORPGs - Gamecraft

Come for the content, stay for the community.

[Business] Mobile Games: from iOS to Facebook/Zynga/Farmville to King/Candy Crush

Mitch continues telling the story of mobile gaming.

[Business] Casual Games: from Deer Hunter to Snake - Gamecraft

Mitch Lasky tells the story of casual gaming from the most unlikely origins.

[Business] App Stores: Valve and the rise of Steam - Gamecraft

Mitch Lasky explains how Valve went from Half-Life to Counterstrike to... Steam..

[Business] Free2Play: From Piracy to League of Legends - Gamecraft

Mitch Lasky traces the rise of Free 2 Play gaming and Riot Games from... Asian piracy and internet cafes.

[Weekend Drop] The State of JavaScript (in 2017) - swyx and Sacha Greif

swyx's first ever technical podcast - guest hosting SE Daily in 2017 with Sacha Greif

[AI] Timnit Gebru, Margaret Mitchell and the Stochastic Parrots paper - Emily Bender

Emily M. Bender is a Professor of Linguistics at and Faculty Director of the Master's Program in Computational Linguistics at University of Washington. Her research ar...

[AI] Small Language Models and Training PubMedGPT - Naveen Rao

Naveen Rao is the CEO and Co-Founder of the machine learning (ML) training platform, MosaicML, and the former CEO and Co-Founder of Nervana Systems. Naveen shares insi...

[AI] The origin of EleutherAI - Connor Leahy

Connor is the co-founder and CEO of Conjecture (, a company aiming to make AGI safe through scalable AI Alignment research, and the co-founder of Eleuth...

[AI] Behind ChatGPT: RLHF and the Proximal Policy Optimization - Practical AI

A great discussion of RLHF exhibited by ChatGPT by the PracticalAI guys

[AI] GPT3's advances, applications, and prompt engineering - Peter Welinder

Peter Welinder is VP of Product & Partnerships at OpenAI, where he runs product and commercialization efforts of GPT-3, Codex, GitHub Copilot, and more. Boris Dayma is...

[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Infoshare Poland

A broad overview of everything I've been working on, including Temporal and Airbyte, Smart Clients vs Smart Servers, The Coding_Career Book, The Operating System of Yo...

[Tech] The Origin of GKE - Tim Hockin

The cocreator of GKE talks the origin of GKE, which just turned 7.

[Tech] The Origin of Kubernetes - Steve Yegge

My favorite truth teller talks about the office politics behind the launch of K8S

[Tech] The Origin of MongoDB - Dwight Merriman

Dwight Merriman is CSO and Cofounder of MongoDB

[Tech] Phlogiston and The Origin of Functional Reactive Programming

The Future of Coding guys discuss Richard Gabriel's papers.

[Tech] The Origin of Markdown - John Gruber

The cocreator of Markdown talks about starting it in 2003 and using it in 2023.

[Weekend Drop] Talking AI on the Techmeme Ride Home

Talking AI with Brian McCollough and Chris Messina.

[Story Friday] Pole Vaulting - Matthew Dicks

A high schooler with a funny name becomes a pole vaulter

[Health] Identity Change for Weight Loss - Layne Norton

Layne Norton, Ph.D. — one of the world’s foremost experts in nutrition, protein metabolism, muscle gain and fat loss. We discuss the science of energy utilization and...

[Health] Ultra-long Fasts as a Medical Treatment

Steve Hendricks is the author of The Oldest Cure in the World: Adventures in the Art and Science of Fasting. He spends the first part of this conversation offering a t...

[Health] Ketogenic Diet & Weight Loss - Dr. Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer explains the important connection between nutrition, metabolism and mental health and his pioneering work using the ketogenic diet to successfully treat p...

[Health] Keto Diet vs Mitochondrial Uncoupling - Steven Gundry

What you think you know about keto and ketones might be wrong. Keto can be great for weight loss, but there’s a better way to do it by focusing on more diverse plant f...

[Weekend Drop] Talking ChatGPT on the Changelog

To wrap up the year we’re talking about what’s breaking the internet, again. Yes, we’re talking about ChatGPT and we’re joined by our good friend Shawn “swyx” Wang. Be...

[Story Friday] What it's Like to be Adopted - Vicky Sandison

When adults adopted as children feel lost or incomplete - even if they had a happy childhood - they often describe themselves as ‘being in the fog’. For Vicky Sandi...

[Music Friday] ALMASHUPS' Mashups - Adele, Ed Sheeran, TLC

just a couple mashups i've enjoyed

[Career] On Speaking - Kelsey Hightower

From the Kelsey Hightower Distinguished Gentleman Twitter Space.

[Career] Being Hands-on vs Having Influence - Kelsey Hightower

From the Kelsey Hightower Distinguished Gentleman Twitter Space.

[Career] From L4 to L9 at Google - Kelsey Hightower

(KNOWN ISSUE: first minute is blank due to recording error. Sorry!) From the Kelsey Hightower Distinguished Gentleman Twitter Space.

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