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[Career] Picking What To Work On - Kelsey Hightower

(KNOWN ISSUE: first minute is blank due to recording error. Sorry!) From the Kelsey Hightower Distinguished Gentleman Twitter space.

[Meta] Farewell 2022 Special - swyx

My Fave New Podcasts of 2022 and reading and responding through the Swyx Mixtape 2022 Survey!

[Music Friday] The Better Call Saul Intro

The writers of BCS break down the origins behind that intro

[Creator] Moloch - Liv Boeree

Moloch whose mind is pure machinery! Moloch whose blood is running money! Moloch whose fingers are ten armies! Moloch whose breast is a cannibal dynamo! Moloch whose e...

[Creator] The Evolution of Social Networks - Mike Mignano

The CEO/Founder of Anchor analyzes the other social audio app that came and went, and then broadens to a general discussion of social networks.

[Creator] Defeating Impostor Syndrome - Tim Stodz

Tim Stodz breaks down how even the most accomplished creators deal with impostor syndrome and consistently create.

[Creator] Optimistic Nihilism - Vincent Woo

Real talk from the Coderpad founder on the role of luck in being an indie hacker.

[Music Friday] Post-Mariah Christmas Songs?

The Switched on Pop guys analyse how hard it is to break through the Christmas ranks, and the songs that managed to do it.

[Tech] Separation of (Local-first) Client vs Server - Jori Lallo

Linear's founder explains the magic behind the instant responses

[Tech] Separation of Storage and Compute (Real-time) - Jeffrey Needham

Jeffrey Needham of Confluent explains how Kafka is used for SIGINT

[Tech] Separation of Storage and Compute (Databases) - Nikita Shamgunov

The CEO of Neon Database explains how to split Postgres.

[Tech] Separation of Control vs Data Planes - Steve Yegge

Yegge explains Service Meshes and Control vs Data Planes

[Weekend Drop] Talking DevRel on the Podcast

swyx rejoins Andrew Welch on the DevMode podcast for his particular brand of straight talk on devrel!

[Music Friday] The Piano Guys

one of the longest running music groups on YouTube!

[Health] Mental Health with Kelsey Hightower

RIP Jeff Meyerson. Thank you for everything you taught a generation of software engineers.

[Health] Sit Up Straight - Posture, Tech Neck, and Movement

A lot of us have niggling bodily pains. A bum knee, a tight hip, an achy back. My guest would say that the cause of those maladies, as well as their cure, can likely b...

[Health] We Don't Know What Causes Obesity - Chris Palmer

It's not the junk food. It's not fatty food. It's not exercise. It happened recently. It's not food variety. It's not just humans. Processed food is inexplicably bad. ...

[Health] Eating Ourselves to Death - Dr. Casey Means

On the Levels philosophy of closing the loop on metabolic health

[Weekend Drop] How to Thought Lead, the Metacreator Ceiling, and Learning in Public on the Build in Public podcast

KP is the Build in Public guy and invited me on his pod to talk about LIP, but we sidetracked to talk about devrel, the content metagame, and my upcoming post on How t...

[Music Friday] Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend

The host with the most... who also sings!

[Business] Starting Shazam - Chris Barton

An incredible story of perserverance, technology and... business economics!

[Business] Oracle and the Internet Computer Architecture - David Senra

from the Larry Ellison book

[Business] Blockbuster's Innovation - The Great Fail

The untold story of how Blockbuster defeated its rivals thru dealmaking, and the other side of the Netflix deal

[Business] Musicians feared the Record Player - Jason Feiffer

This is the example I think about when people fear for their jobs because of tech

[Weekend Drop] Remote IDEs and the End of Localhost on the InfoQ podcast

Daniel Bryant interviews swyx for the InfoQ podcast.

[Music Friday] Stories ft. Hunter

A lovely voice and an acoustic vibe.

[Misc] Eric Schmidt on AI

taking the former Google CEO seriously on AI.

[Misc] Guided Metacognition - David McRaney

How to change minds.

[Misc] The James Webb Space Telescope | Heidi Hammel and Nadia Drake

Heidi Hammel shares her infectious passion for space!

[Misc] Inside Voice: Lake Bell and the Sexy Baby Voice Phenomenon

Lake Bell and her many voices are a treat on the ears!

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