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[Better Call Saul] Howard Hamlin - Patrick Fabian

Part 2 of our special series on Better Call Saul

[Better Call Saul] Chuck McGill - Vince Gilligan

Part 1 of our special series on Better Call Saul

[Weekend Drop] Coding Career Chat - Finance for Developers

Our second Coding Career space focused on a oneoff workshop we did covering essential Finance knowledge for Developers!

[Creator] Viral Marketing for Teens - Shaan Puri's @SteveBartlettSC story

Marketing with memes and avoiding cringe

[Creators] Going Viral on Purpose - Karen X Cheng (@karenxcheng)

The Girl who Learned to Dance teaches us to dance with the algorithm. Discuss this episode: We want to hear from you! The Swyx Mixtape Listener Survey Fill o...

[Weekend Drop] Coding Career Chat - The Operating System of You

We hosted our first public Twitter Space on the last chapter of the Coding Career Handbook!

[Biz] Open Core Ventures - Sid Sijbrandij (@sytses)

The GitLab CEO's new approach to OSS venture capital.

[Biz] How do you make a successful open source *app*? - Peer Richelsen (@peer_rich)

Users don't care if you're open source, so X but Open Source is a meme... or is it?

[Biz] How Microsoft embraced Open Source - Sam Ramji (@sramji)

What it was like to work for Bill Gates and turn yesterday's Micro$oft into today's Microsoft

[Biz] The Business Models of Open Source - Adam Jacobs

The chef of Chef dishes out spicy takes on open source.

[Weekend Drop] Bun and Deno: New Runtimes for the Third Age of JavaScript

The audio stream of my newest talk on Bun vs Deno.

[Music Friday] Unchained Melody - Mike Yung

Mike Yung, viral subway performer, sings The Righteous Brothers' Unchained Melody.

[Tech] The Usecases of Clickhouse - Robert Hodges

Realtime analytics for *everyone*.

[Tech] The Secret Sauce of Clickhouse - Aaron Katz

How does Clickhouse do what it claims to do?

[Tech] The Origin of Clickhouse - Aaron Katz

Clickhouse's CEO tells the story of one of the most compelling new database companies of recent times.

[DevRel Real Talk] Bill Nye, the DevRel Guy (ft. AWS, Databricks and Elgato)

swyx, Justin, and Chris Sean talk DevRel and field questions from folks from AWS (Justin Garrison), Databricks (Micheal Benedict) and Elgato (Zack Hoherchak)!

Swyx Mixtape Survey, Refactor, and Deadpool! [swyx]

We want your feedback!

[Weekend Drop] swyx on WebJoy podcast

I joined Eddie Hinkle's new podcast to talk about his origin story, starting in the finance industry and how feeling like just a code monkey in a system drew him to le...

[Music Friday] Britney Spears (fixed)

A musicologist and a songwriter break down the Princess of Pop.

Principles for a Deep Life [Cal Newport]

Translating the Deep philosophy from work to life.

Baby Steps to Get Control [Cal Newport]

How to slowly easy into Capture, Configure, Control.

Time Management: Capture, Configure, Control [Cal Newport]

Cal's system for planning life and getting more done with less persistent background anxiety.

What is Deep Work? [Cal Newport]

Cal explains Deep Work in 15 minutes.

[Weekend Drop] The Third Age of JS on JSParty

I joined the JS Party crew again to recap my Reactathon talk!

[Music Friday] Naya Rivera

RIP to our Latina queen.

When the Truth Pops Out [Lin-Manuel Miranda]

As a high school student, Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals more of himself than he realized while writing his first musical.

How McKinsey Consultants Charge $750 an Hour [Business Breakdowns]

A rare look into the economics of a consulting business.

Why Australia Has No Starbucks [Brandon Richard]

A fascinating and unusual story about coffee that you might use in future.

Tech's Role in America [Katherine Boyle, Palmer Luckey]

the a16z GP gives the party line on how Silicon Valley can meet Washington, and then Palmer Luckey gives his take living it

[Weekend Drop] Swyx interview on FreeCodeCamp podcast

When people ask about how I got started, I send them to this podcast. Here is the audio, edited for ums.

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