[Meta] Farewell 2022 Special - swyx

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My Fave New Podcasts of 2022 and reading and responding through the Swyx Mixtape 2022 Survey!
My Fave New Podcasts of 2022: https://www.swyx.io/fave-podcasts-2022/

Selected listener survey responses

if you missed the survey in July, you can still fill it in here: https://forms.gle/gmVYak98azGi28it8

What other podcasts do Swyx Mixtape listeners enjoy?

  • Conan O‘Brian needs a friend; alphalist cto podcast;remote ruby
  • ShopTalk Show, WTF with Marc Maron, Hardcore History
  • Corecursive, Working Code, Soft Skills Engineering
  • Software unscripted, your undivided attention, startups for the rest of us
  • I like software sessions by Jeremy Jung and I have listened to quite a bit of Zero Knowledge podcast which is crypto related.
  • Switched on Pop, Stratechery, Radio Derb
  • cppcast, hanselmines, go time
  • Swyx Mixtape, Ezra Klein Show, Acquired
What are your favorite episode(s) of the Mixtape so far? 
  • Star Wars Lofi because I loved it. Career+Luck as it is a great tooic
  • Behind the scenes of the business world. I’m not interested enough to listen to full podcasts about business, but I really appreciate the small nuggets of insight.
  • All of them not about cryptocurrency
  • The levels one (because I’m a diabetic dev)
  • I started extensively listening starting in June. I really enjoye the episodes covering snowflake databricks. You introduced the idea of betting on technology to me and I trust your judgement. So the podcast gives me a list of interesting tech I should at least know about without too much effort on my end.
  • This one! I like it! And I can’t remember some of the very good earlier ones. I don’t listen to that many podcasts. I dunno how you do it! Kudos
  • latest deep work series was great, I love to work or at least think about and how to improve. the learning in public thing was what made you follow for quite a while now/ the episode about the drowned singer/actor from glee touched me and I researched the topic and learned how to hopefully act correctly if I ever got in rip current
  • One about Xbox losing all it's market share after the Xbox One launch (I love tech war stories--this field moves so fast. I find I know a lot about the preset but so little about the past)

[Meta] Farewell 2022 Special - swyx
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