[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Infoshare Poland

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A broad overview of everything I've been working on, including Temporal and Airbyte, Smart Clients vs Smart Servers, The Coding_Career Book, The Operating System of You, React Ecosystem, the case for Techno-Optimism in the face of cynicism.
Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZnzzMbA7Vg

6:55 - Product versus Platform
9:05 - Durable Functions
13:49 - Coding Career Handbook for Junior to Senior Developers What Inspired You To Write It
16:02 - What Most Developers Should Know after They Get Their First Job
21:36 - How Did You Survive during the Pandemic and no Flight Policy
23:34 - Jsconf Asia 2018 Talk
25:20 - The Third Age of Javascript
27:28 - Perspective On on the React Ecosystem
27:51 - What Do You Think about React Ecosystem Right Now
35:04 - Do You Learn English at a Very Early Age
[Weekend Drop] Swyx on Infoshare Poland
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