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[Weekend Drop] Grifters and Content Creation Traps

I joined Maksim Ivanov's YouTube channel to talk about responsible/authentic content creation.

The Genius of Apple's Name [Brent Schlender]

A powerful property of Apple's name that I had never considered before.

The Origin of Yahoo [Jerry Yang]

The incredible origin story of Yahoo from start to $850m IPO in 2 years.

The Origin of Kubernetes and Heptio [Joe Beda]

The origin of k8s and its spinoff company, from its CTO.

The Origin of Waze [Noam Bardin]

How Waze crowdsourced its way to a Billion dollar payout — because it had no choice.

The Origin of Twilio [Jeff Lawson]

Twilio's origins and early mishaps, through Jeff's eyes.

The Origin of Braintree [Bryan Johnson]

The $800m business school plan, executed in 6 years.

[Music Fridays] The Origin of the Rickroll - Endless Thread

A great audio documentary on how the biggest internet meme started.

The Origin of VisiCalc [Dan Bricklin]

The world's first killer app.

The Origin of the Internet [Vint Cerf]

how a small group of men designed the web as we know it today.

The Origin of Snowflake [Kent Graziano]

the former Chief Evangelist explains Snowflake in 2016.

The Origin of Levels [Josh Clemente]

The founding of the personal CGM.

[Tech] The Origin of Clickhouse - Aaron Katz

Clickhouse's CEO tells the story of one of the most compelling new database companies of recent times.

[Tech] The Origin of Markdown - John Gruber

The cocreator of Markdown talks about starting it in 2003 and using it in 2023.

[Tech] Phlogiston and The Origin of Functional Reactive Programming

The Future of Coding guys discuss Richard Gabriel's papers.

[Tech] The Origin of MongoDB - Dwight Merriman

Dwight Merriman is CSO and Cofounder of MongoDB

[Tech] The Origin of Kubernetes - Steve Yegge

My favorite truth teller talks about the office politics behind the launch of K8S

[Tech] The Origin of GKE - Tim Hockin

The cocreator of GKE talks the origin of GKE, which just turned 7.

[AI] The origin of EleutherAI - Connor Leahy

Connor is the co-founder and CEO of Conjecture (, a company aiming to make AGI safe through scalable AI Alignment research, and the co-founder of Eleuth...

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