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Take Back Your Life From YouTube

YouTube is a library of videos, not entertainment TV.

A World Without Email

The gist of Cal Newport's new book: A World Without Email, in less than 5 minutes.

Your Calendar as Todo List

Why I am getting into time-block planning, with clip from Nir Eyal and Shane Parrish

We've Hit Peak Social Media [Cal Newport]

2 ways that social media usage is going to decline from here on out

[Second Brain 3] Distilling Notes

I am a mentor for the Notion Advanced track of Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain, Cohort 12. This is the cleaned up audio of the third of 5 mentorship sessions wit...

Time Block Planning [Cal Newport]

Cal Newport on why Time Block Planning beats Todo Lists, and why you should do it on *paper*.

Podcast Economics: The Math to $14,000 a month [Jordan Harbinger, Cal Newport]

Two top podcasters talk CPMs, audience size, and the math of podcasting.

Dumb Questions from Smart People [Cal Newport]

Smart People Ask Stupid Questions (Lampshading)

What is Deep Work? [Cal Newport]

Cal explains Deep Work in 15 minutes.

Time Management: Capture, Configure, Control [Cal Newport]

Cal's system for planning life and getting more done with less persistent background anxiety.

Baby Steps to Get Control [Cal Newport]

How to slowly easy into Capture, Configure, Control.

Principles for a Deep Life [Cal Newport]

Translating the Deep philosophy from work to life.

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