Baby Steps to Get Control [Cal Newport]

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How to slowly easy into Capture, Configure, Control.
  1. Time Block Plan - give every minute a job
  2. Setup Task Boards - keep track of every task and their status
    1. this week
    2. ambiguous
    3. major projects
    4. waiting to hear back
  3. Full Capture - by end of day - every obligation is out of head, in a trusted system
    1. Email inbox
    2. Calendar
    3. Task Board
  4. Weekly Plan - at beginning of each week, build plan for week
    1. block time for critical things
    2. interfaces with daily Time Block Plan
  5. Strategic Plan
    1. The Vision for your professional life (for quarter)
    2. Vision interacts with weekly plan
  6. Automate and Eliminate
    1. reduce amounts of context switches
    2. batch stuff, handing off, outsourcing
    3. say no, leave, step away
  7. Go for it
    1. take really ambitious projects, big swings
Baby Steps to Get Control [Cal Newport]
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