Time Management: Capture, Configure, Control [Cal Newport]

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Cal's system for planning life and getting more done with less persistent background anxiety.
  • Three requirements of time management
    • Capture: don't store anything in your head. Your ideas, info, commitments, plans.
    • Configure: make effort organizing. Gather relevant info in one place.
    • Control: proactively make a plan for your time in advance: quarterly, weekly, daily
    • Constrain (bonus!): figure out how to automate, consolidate interruptions with office hours
  • Actual tools used
    • Capture
      • workingmemory.txt
      • shutdown: -> go thru workingmemory -> trello, gdoc
    • Configure
      • separate kanban board for every role - researcher, etc
      •  columns
        • "to be processed"
        • "waiting to hear back from"
        • "persistent initiatives"
      • daily: just add stuff
      • weekly: reorganize and review
    • Control
      • daily, weekly, quarterly, time blocking
Time Management: Capture, Configure, Control [Cal Newport]
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