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[Weekend Drop] a16z on Infra #1

Since I work on Infra companies, I took notes on a recent a16z Clubhouse discussion on Infra companies and here's the cleaned up audio and transcript (about 75% the le...

Rare Knowledge [Andreessen and Horowitz]

Ben and Marc opine on the 2 kinds of secrets you can know, and the 2 kinds of ideas you can have about the future.

Welcome to the Lakehouse [Ali Ghodsi, David Meyer]

The Databricks leaders explain how they got here.

Spark, Databricks, and the Netflix Prize [Reynold Xin]

Drew Banin interviews the Databricks cofounder and Spark creator.

[DevRel Real Talk] Bill Nye, the DevRel Guy (ft. AWS, Databricks and Elgato)

swyx, Justin, and Chris Sean talk DevRel and field questions from folks from AWS (Justin Garrison), Databricks (Micheal Benedict) and Elgato (Zack Hoherchak)!

[Meta] Farewell 2022 Special - swyx

My Fave New Podcasts of 2022 and reading and responding through the Swyx Mixtape 2022 Survey!

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