[Weekend Drop] DevRel, Dev Megatrends and Dev Careers on the Cloudcast

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Shawn Wang (@swyx, Head of Developer Experience @Temporalio) talks about the breadth of developer skills needed, how developers learn new technologies, and insights into important future trends for a broad set of developers.
Listen to Cloudcast: https://www.thecloudcast.net/2022/01/2022-look-ahead-developer-careers.html

Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. You seem to be at the center of (or around) so many developer-centric conversations. Tell us a little bit about your background, and some of the areas you’ve been focused on. 
Topic 2 - You’re well known for The Coding Career Handbook. With so many options out there for developers, how do you frame conversations about where people should focus? 
Topic 3 - At some point, developers (like many engineers) get bored of working on the same things. Right now it seems like we’re in the middle of big changes. What should they think about the transition process? 
Topic 4 - As a developer, what are some of the best ways to get visibility of your projects? How do you find the right balance of public projects, side projects, and whatever you’re currently getting paid for (main company job)?
Topic 5 - Any tips or tricks that you’ve learned to accelerate your learning process? 
Topic 6 - How is WFH changing the developer work-life-balance?
[Weekend Drop] DevRel, Dev Megatrends and Dev Careers on the Cloudcast
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